You can be in control of your superannuation, but you DON’T want to be worrying about the details of the paperwork!


For your peace-of-mind, you want to know that everything is being handled thoroughly and competently, by people who thrive on details and love to GET IT RIGHT.

Superannuation Services was incorporated in 1997. The team at Superannuation Services Pty Ltd have over 35 years of superannuation, accounting and taxation, experience between us. At Superannuation Services we pride ourselves on doing the best job possible:
  • We process in-house
  • We do not outsource
  • We are accurate and efficient
  • Our staff are accessible and friendly
  • We can explain the most technical information in easy to understand language
  • More often than not, telephone queries are answered on the spot
  • Our expertise is highly regarded within the industry
  • We ensure our staff training is up to date and ongoing

This high level of expertise means that you can relax, knowing that the setup and administration of your self-managed superannuation fund is handled professionally and to the highest standards. It is a terrific team effort. YOU have control and handle the decision-making, while WE make sure that everything is in order the way it should be.


Good reasons to choose Superannuation Services

The most obvious point is the fact that we are committed to ensuring timely lodgement of all of your Fund’s returns. Provided we receive the information we require from you when we need it, you can be SURE that everything will be handled in a timely manner.

Behind the scenes however, there is a lot more to our services that makes a significant difference for you. For example because our professional ethics are of the highest standard, we arrange a totally independent Auditor for your Fund. As you can appreciate, this gives you added assurance that you simply don’t get with some other service providers who prepare and audit their own Financial Statements.

Additionally, we stay to our area of expertise, and we do it VERY well. This means that we do not provide investment advice. Instead, you keep your current financial advisor and make your own investment decisions. This means that engaging our services doesn’t entail re-setting your financial plan or disturbing your working relationship with your advisor. On the contrary, it simply means that you have peace-of-mind knowing that everything is in order, tidy and handled properly.

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Having your own self managed superannuation fund is easy

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