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Superannuation Services provides a comprehensive administration and trust setup service for self managed superannuation funds. We excel in the fields of administration and compliance by bringing together expertise in superannuation, accounting, taxation and auditing.


Our staff members are accountants who have specialised in accounting, taxation and administration of SMSF’s. It is important that you realise that we are not financial planners and do not provide investment advice. Relying on our administration service will free up your time to concentrate on investing and maximising your Fund’s returns. At the cornerstone of our services are three primary objectives:

Remove Stress

To relieve you of the burden of paper work and administration

Accurate Compliance

To ensure that all of the work we handle for you is correct, right down to the last detail

Everything Done on Time

To ensure your returns are lodged on time


Establishment of a New Fund

We arrange all the paperwork that is necessary to get your Fund up and running. The trust deed is a key part of the establishment service and has been specifically developed for SMSF’s to accommodate all of the latest SMSF and estate planning strategies. Our trust deed, which is issued by a national legal firm, allows for members in either pension or accumulation phase, or a mixture of both. Upon application for a new self managed super fund, Superannuation Services will provide:

  • Trust Deed
  • Tax File Number and Australian Business Number Application
  • GST registration, if applicable
  • Minutes, Membership Application forms and Member Advice Notices
  • Notification of Beneficiaries Form
  • Trustee Declaration and Consent to Act Forms


On-going Administration

On an annual basis we request information relating to all of your Fund’s transactions. Our administration and compliance service includes:

  • Establish and maintain members’ records, accounting records, and trustee minutes
  • Monitor compliance with investment strategy
  • Prepare annual financial statements and member statements
  • Prepare and arrange lodgement of annual tax return
  • Prepare and lodge business activity statements and instalment activity statements
  • Provide advice on compliance with the Trust Deed, and the SIS Act and Regulations
  • Organise an independent audit of the Fund and actuarial certificate (if required)
  • Fund GST registration and applicable reporting


Pension Calculations and Documents

Superannuation Services are specialists in all types of pensions including account based pensions, allocated pensions, complying pensions, market linked pensions and transition to retirement pensions. Whilst most of these types of pension are no longer available to new retirees they still exist in some SMSF’s. Superannuation Services will prepare all of the required paperwork for you to start and maintain your pension, which includes:

  • Pension set-up documents
  • Member pension request
  • Trustee pension offer
  • Product disclosure statement
  • Pension acceptance
  • Pension minutes
  • Pension start calculations
  • PAYG registration
  • Annual pension minimum and maximum (where applicable) calculations
  • Annual rebate calculations
  • Provision of annual PAYG payment summary
  • Arrange actuarial certificate if applicable


Conferences and Trustee Training

Superannuation Services has been providing trustee training conferences exclusively for our clients for over a decade. We offer our clients the chance to improve their SMSF knowledge and understand the responsibilities involved in running an SMSF by attending a two day technical conference covering aspects of administration, compliance, investing, estate planning and taxation.

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